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Oliver Perkins

Oliver Perkins as a young man Sheep shearing at Perkins farm
Oliver as a young man with his sheepdog Rover
Sheep shearing by an unnamed sheep shearer
watched by Oliver's son Roger

Herbert Oliver Perkins, usually known as Oliver, worked a farmstead next to the cemetery in Church Lane. The 60 acres that he farmed in 1943 extended to the area of the Wold and 40 Acre Allotment. According to the wartime land survey the land was farmed by Mr Perkins under the guidance of the War Department. Besides working on his farm he was also a member of Burton Latimer Home Guard during the Second World War. The land was used for crops and grazing for animals. He kept pigs and poultry. Later he also ran a delivery round selling farm produce from a van
Oliver Perkins in 1941 Oliver Perkins in 1941 when a member of Burton Latimer Home Guard

In 1965 his farmstead experienced an arson attack. Click here for details.

This farm was detailed in the Wartime Survey in 1943

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