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Presented by Margaret Craddock

Black Lodge

Black Lodge was situated on the A6 on the road to Finedon but with the building of the Burton Latimer bypass, the farm is no longer accessed directly from the road but is set back on a slip road.

The wartime survey of 1943 shows that the farm was owned by the Stanton Iron Co Ltd of Melton Mowbray and the tenant was C Tilley. The total acreage of the farm was 118 and the crops grown were wheat and oats plus a small quantity of vegetables for fodder. In addition there was a one acre orchard. Cattle, sheep and poultry were kept and one horse.

In the 1950's this property was sometimes known as White Lodge having one side of the house painted white whilst the remaining walls were black.

This farm was detailed in the Wartime Survey in 1943
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