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Burton Latimer Flower Show - 1883

Advertisement in the Northampton Mercury

An advertisement from the Northampton Mercury

BURTON LATIMER. FLOWER SHOW. The third annual exhibition came off on Monday, and again the four villages of Burton Latimer, Cranford, Isham, and Barton Seagrave combined to render the event success. Taking place in feast week, a good company was almost ensured. Through the kindness of Messrs. J. Hale and C. Walker, the show was held in fields near the church. There were many exhibits, the prize list proves, and the quality of the usual excellent character. Many things "not for competition" came in, and formed interesting features. The weather, though not unpropitious, was dull, and a heavy wind blew during a greater part of the day, but this inconvenience was nothing as compared with that experienced consequence of the gale of Saturday night and Sunday. At early hour the latter morning the tents which had been erected for the show were blown down, and there was some fear lest the success of Monday should be marred consequence. However, the Bedford firm from whom the tents were obtained seat a man down at once, and the work re-erection was carried out. The attendance of villagers and others, though large, was not great could have been hoped for. The Burton Band played on the ground. It may mentioned that the many arrangements for the day were carried out by the chairman of the show (Mr. J. Hale), the vice-chairman (Mr. J. Osborn), the treasurer (Mr. S. Loveday), and the hon. sec.. (Mr. J. D. Felce), with the following gentlemen as managing committee: — Messrs. W. P. Birch, Randall, Marriott, Jones, C. Barlow, J. Weston, Baker, Hodson, A. Newman, G. Simpson, S. Patrick, J. Moore, D. James, J. Talbutt, C. Walker, Stalker, Braybrook, H. Manger, Watt, Dainty, J. Simpson, B. Dicks, W. Weston, White, and Crawford.

The Rectory grounds (left), which adjoin tho flower show fields, were open to all who attended the exhibition, and it need hardly said that numerous were the persons who availed themselves of the opportunity making so pleasing a visit. A bazaar was held building near the grounds, the purpose of it being to aid the fund for the new organ, which has just been erected the parish church; and there was also a sale work, with the same object, at Burton Hall (below left) the following day, when the entrance hall of the mansion was thrown open.

The bazaar stall-holders were—Mrs. Newman, Mrs. Witherby, the Misses S., A., and D. Newman, Miss Witherby, Miss J Harpur, Miss Chavasse, Mrs. Harris, Miss Harper, and the Misses E. and B. Newman.

The flower show judges were Mr. Jones, gardener the Dukeof Buccleuch, Boughton House; Mr. Brown, gardener S. G. Stopford-Sackville, Esq., Drayton House and Mr. Hillburn, gardener to C. J. K. Woolston, Esq., Wellingborough

The following were their awards: — Class A.—Ladies.—Bouquet of flowers for the hand, Miss S. Newman, 2 Miss E. M. Witherby, 3 Mrs. E. M. Preston. Centre piece for table decoration, 1 Miss D. M. Newman, 2 Mrs. Walker, 3 Miss A. C. M. Newman. Class B.—Gentlemen's Gardeners.—Plants: Ferns, 1 Mr. Watt, gardener to Captain Tebbits, Barton Seagrave; 2 Mr. Dainty, gardener to the Hon. and Rev. J. Marsham, Barton Seagrave. Colens, 1 Mr. Watt, 2 Mr. Dainty. Fuchsias, 1 Mr. Hodson. gardener to Rev. F. B. Newman, Burton Latimer: 2 Mr. Dainty. Begonias, 1 Mr. Dainty, 2 Mr. Hodson. Geraniums, 1 Mr. Dainty, 2 Mr. Hodson. —Cut Flowers: Roses, 12 varieties, 1 Mr. Watt. Roses, eight varieties. 1 Mr. Watt. Dahlias, 1 Mr. Watt. Asters, 1 Mr. Watt.—Fruit: Collection, 1 Mr. Watt, 2 Mr. Hodson. Grapes, 1 Mr. Watt. 2 Mr. Dainty. Melon, 1 Mr. White, gardener to Mr. Soames, Cranford Hall; Mr. Crawford, gardener the Rev. Sir F. Robinson, Bart., Cranford. Peaches, 1 Mr. White, 2 Mr. Hodson. Cherries, Mr. Watt. Nectarines. 1 Mr. White. 2 Mr. Pears, 1 Mr. Watt, 2 Mr Crawford. Apples, 1 Mr, Watt, Mr. Crawford.—Vegetables: Collection, 1 Mr. Watt, 2 Crawford, 3 Mr. White. Cucumbers, 1 Mr. Watt, Mr. Crawford. Tomatoes, 1 Mr. Watt, Mr. White. Marrows, 1 Mr. Crawford, 2 Mr. Watt. Pumpkins, 1 Mr. Hodson. Kidney potatoes, 1 Mr. Watt, 2 Mr. Crawford, Round potatoes, 1 Mr. Hodson, 2 Mr. Dainty. Class C.—Assistant Gardeners and Coachmen. —Flowers Plants: Specimen plant, 1 G. Maycock, 2 W. Sturman. Geraniums, 1 G. Maycock, 2 W. Scott. Fuchsias,1 G. Hodson, 2 W. Scott. Asters, 1 W. Scott, 2 G. Maycock. Roses, 1 G. Maycock.—Vegetables: Celery, 1 J Scott, 2 G. Maycock, Kidney beans, 1 C. Maycock, 2 W. Scott. Tray of vegetables, 1 G. Maycock, 2 W. Scott, 3 W. Sturman. Class D.—Amateurs. —Flowers and Plants : Begonias, 1 G. Jones, 2 Mrs. J. Hull. Specimen plant, 1 J. Miller. Geraniums, 1 G. Jones. Fuchsias, 1 G. Jones. Dahlias, 1 Mrs. M. C. Wallis, 2 G. Jones. Asters, 1 and JIC. Walker. Bouquet flowers, 1 Mrs. Manger (Isham), 2 Miss Walker, 3 F. E. Preston. Design for flower garden, 1 F. C. Preston, 2 Master Harris. Stocks, 1 Mrs. Sharp, 2 O. Walker.—Fruit : Kitchen apples, 1 Mrs. Dix (Isham Lodge), 2 G. Bates. Dessert ditto, 1 G. Simpson, 2 C. Walker. Pears, 1 C. Walker. Collection of fruit, 1 0. Walker. Plums, 1 J. Cooper, 2 J. Chamberlain, Isham. Apricots, 1 D. James, C. Walker.—Vegetables: Celery, 1 0. Patrick, 2 C. Walker. Kidney beans, 1 C. Walker. Cabbages, 1 J. Cooper, Mrs. Sharp. Red cabbages, 1 J. Ball, 2 Mrs. Sharp. Carrots, 1 Mrs. Sharp, 2 Mrs. Orlebar. Cauliflowers, 1 Mrs. Orlebar, 2 Mrs. Sharp. Cucumbers, 1 0. Walker, 2 M. B. Wallis. Spring onions, 1 and 2 J. Talent. Winter onions, 1 J. Talbut. Peas, 1 G. Jones, James. Kidney potatoes, 1 J. Cooper, 2 S. Lewis. Round potatoes, 1 G. Jones, 2 Mrs. Sharp. Collection of potatoes, 1 G. Jones, 2 J. Talbut. Tray of vegetables, 1 Mrs. Sharp, 2 J. Talbut. Marrows, 1 G. Jonee, W. Baker. Mangel wurtzel, 1 S. Blake, 2 G. Randall, Isham. Globe mangold wurtzel, 1 S. Blake. Turnips, 1 9. Lewis, 1 M. A. Sharp. Swedes, 1 W. Northern, 2 W.Baker. Parsnips, 1 Mrs.Sharp. Rhubarb, 1 D. James, G. Jones. Class B.—Cottagers.—Plants and flowers: Wild lowers, For children, 1 Kate Haddon, 2 Amy Wittering, 3 Jane Scott. Geraniums, 1 J. Fern, 2 J. Hollingsworth and A. Patrick (equal). Fuchsias, 1 H. Haddon, 2 S. Buckby. Bouquet flowers, 1 J. Hollingsworth, 2 A. Patrick. Cut flowers, 1 J. Fern, 2 G. Mason.—Fruit : Apples, 1 J. Everest (Isham). Plums, 1 J. Blaxley (Isham). Currants, 1 J. Hobba. Gooseberries, IJ. Fern, 2J. Blaxley.—Vegetables : Broad beans, 1 West, 2 J. Loeko. Kidney beans, IW. Patrick, 2J. Blaxley, Halbard. Parsnips, 1 J. Loake, 2W. Patriok. Cabbages, 1 A. Patrick. Cauliflowers, IH. Janes, Wright. Celery, 1 A. Patrick, 2 and 3T. Janes. Carrots, IW. Northern, 2 T. Houghton (Isham). Spring onions, IP. Phillips, 2S. Newman, 3S. Buckby. Winter onions, 1 J. Blaxley, 2 J. A. Mason. Peas, 1 J. Blaxley, Halbard, 30. Ball. Kidney potatoes, 1 J. Scott, 2 W. Miller, 3 S. Buckby, W. Miller, and W. Blaxley (equal). Round potatoes, 1 J. Farrar, 2 J. Fern, J. Loake. Turnips, 1 H. Haddon, 2 J. Scott. Marrows, 1 S. Newman, W. West and H. Howard (equal), Mangold wurtzel, 1 C. Betts, 2 P. Phillips. Tray of vegetables : Barton Seagrave cottagers only, 1 J. Fern, J. Scott ; Burton Latimer, 1 T. James, 2 W. Patrick Isham, 1 J. Chamberlain, 2 J. Blaxley Cranford, 1 P. Phillips, 2 L. Johnson. Rabbits. —Boys under 15 only.—Best of any breed, 1 H. (Isham), 20. S. Felce. Best two young ditto, 1 A. Felce, 2 W. Foster. Allotments. —Forty Acres: Best kept allotment, 1 J. Buckby, 2 Mason, 3 J. Mason. Old Orchard, 1 W. Sturman, 2 J. Fox, 3 Nutt. Cranford Three-corner Allotments (prizes by the Rev. A. W. Pultenoy), 1 J. Phillips, 2 W. Cooper. Railway Allotment, 1 L. Newman & son., J. Cooper. Isham, 1 W. Pratt, 2 J. Blaxley, 3 W. Chamberlain. Barton Seagrave, 1 W. Scott, 2 J. Scott, 3 G. Maycock. Best cottager's window of flowers in Burton Latimer, 1 J. Patrick, 2 G. Thompson. Special prizes for best kept allotments: Burton New Town, H. Rymell; Isham, T. Bayes, sen. ; Cranford, J. Holbort.
With Mr. J. Berry starter, Mr. Birch judge, and Messrs. Jenner, Barlow, Patrick and as a managing committee, some athletic sports were got off the ground in tho course of the afternoon and evening. The results were:—120 Yards Handicap, 1 T. Freestone, 2 J. Keach.— Mile Race, 1 H. Howard, J. Keach, 3 F. Melton.—Three legged Race, 1 T. Freestone and T. Mason, T. Toseland and A. Ball.—Sack Race, 1 A. Sculthorpe, 2 H. Rymell.— Hurdle Race, 1 A. Sculthorpe, 2 T. Freestone.—Blindfold Race, 1 J. Keach, 2 T. Toseland.—200 Yards (married men only), 1 J. Keach, 2 F. Mess, 3 J. Farrow.—Bicycle Race, 1 J. Blaxley, 2 W. Blaxley.—100 Yards Egg and Spoon, 1 G. Jones, Senlthorpe.—Tug of War, Burton team. Quoits (eight from each village, two distances), 1 A. Patrick, Burton; 2 T. Shrive, Isham.—Obstacle, 1 H. Rymell, 2 G. Peacock, 3 S. Draper.

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