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"Muckers Together"

Frank Toop and his comrades signed this card before their unit broke up before demobilisation. Some of the signatures are unclear and may have been mis-read so if you can decipher them or suggest alternatives we would welcome your help.

(Main Text)
1: A Newton 2:R V Boam (Skip) 3: R S..bridge 4: J McKechnie 5: A Pass
6: G E Tunliffe 7: A Dicks 8: W J Hook 9: P Wilson 10: Menton A
11: G R Hodges 12: H Hines 13: P Crewe 14: P Hill 15: J Head
16: G Bray 17: E Young 18: Stanley Piper 19: W G Paterson 20: R Lancaster
21: D G Robertson 22: A Cox 23: H G Mitchell 24: S Ridgeway 25: J Locker

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