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Water Works Opening Guest List

Charles Barlow J A Wallis William Harris
Charles Barlow
J.A Wallis
William Harris

The "great and the good" of Burton Latimer and district met on 3rd October 1907 to mark the opening of the service reservoir that would supply Burton Latimer with the bulk of its water for the next 50 years.
The Northampton Mercury reported:
... amongst those present being Mr. J. Rooke, J.P. (chairman), Rev. E. Gates, Mr. J.T. Gifford, Mr. W.G. Busby, Mr. G.W. Willows, Mr. R.A. Willows, Mr. A. Bagshaw, Mr. A.T. Tailby, Mr. C. Barlow, C.A., Mrs. Newman, Mr. J.E. Clarke, Mr. Wood (members of the Kettering Rural District Council); Mr. C.W. Lane (clerk), Mr. E. Lane, Mr. J. Dell (deputy clerk), Mr. O.W. Gillson (surveyor), Mr. R. Davey (inspector), Councillor T. Adams, J.P. (chairman), Councillor L. Richards, Councillor R.B. Wallis (Kettering Urban Council), Mr. J. Bond (clerk), Mr. J.A. Wallis, Mr. F.T. Freestone, Mr. W.J. Newman, Mr. H. Ayres, Mr. C. Wooding, Mr. A.J. Ball, Mr. J.H. Ward (members of the Burton Parish Council); Dr. H. Burland (Finedon), Mr. J.B. Nutt, Mrs. C. Barlow, Mr. W.Harris, Mr. J. Eady, Mr. A. Sudborough, Mr. J. Buckby, Mr. F. Barlow, Mr. A. Barlow, Mrs. A.G. Miller (Burton Latimer); Mr. H.T. Billson, Mr. W.J. Payne (Kettering), etc.

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