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Gambling & Drunkenness - 1910's

A report in the Northampton Mercury dated Friday 24th December 1915 gave details of the appearance of Nancy Northern, alias Perry, a barmaid from Burton Latimer who was summoned to Northampton Borough petty sessions for being drunk in St Giles' Churchyard on December 17th. Sergeant Parker said that he found the defendant lying in the Churchyard on Friday afternoon. She smelt strongly of drink, and on being picked up she was quite helpless, and had to be conveyed to the police station. PC Locke gave corroborative evidence, and Sgt Scotney spoke regarding the condition of the defendant when she was taken to the police station.

Defendant said she did not feel quite well when she went out, but she suffered from her heart, and had had a drop of brandy. She was also subject to fits. Mrs Ball a friend of the defendant, said the latter had had fainting fits at her house. Defendant, who had a slight attack while standing in the dock, was put under probation for three months in her own recognizance of 10s - Alderman Campion advised her not to take brandy when these attacks came on.

On 5th July 1918 the Northampton Mercury reported a "sensational case" of illegal betting in Burton Latimer. Brian George Rose, shoe operative, of Finedon St and Edward Yeomans Wittering, shoe operative, of Spencer St were charged with using a room at the Brittania Club for the purpose of betting with persons thereto; and James Miller, shoe operative, of Alexandra St and William Tarry, dock labourer, of Croxen's Yard were charged with aiding and abetting the defendant Wittering. All of whom appeared at Kettering Police Court.

Inspector Dunn said that at noon on that day, he and PS Jones saw several persons enter the club between twelve o'clock and five minutes to one. Armed with a search warrant, they (the police officers) went into the premises, and there saw the four defendants in the front bar. Betting slips were found on Rose and Wittering, and after being questioned, all four defendants were arrested and brought to Kettering. At the request of Supt Hooper, the quartet were remanded until next Wednesday, bail being allowed.

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